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On October 26 th, CBS news reported the results of an independent survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. International. Although the results were shocking to some, they only served to confirm what you and I already knew.

A nationwide sample of 1,014 adults showed that one in five had gotten a therapeutic massage within the last year. Of those, massage rated as highly as medication for providing "the greatest relief from pain" and 93% of those surveyed agreed that massage was an effective means of alleviating pain.

An encouraging find was that among those who had discussed massage with their health care provider, 57% were encouraged to pursue getting a massage. It seems that mainstream health professionals are beginning to recognize that in addition to being able to help alleviate pain, massage also relieves stress, stimulates the release of endorphins and promotes overall well-being.

The good news is that you can receive many of these same benefits in your own home.Products like the Jeanie Rub provide professional quality massages. The AcuVibe and the Oster Stim-u-Lax provide deep healing vibrations to your muscles and bones.




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