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If you think that being able to become stronger and leaner while enjoying a whole body massage sounds too good to be true, you’ll want to think again. Body Rolling allows you to do just that. Former yoga instructor Yamuna  Zake developed this system in response to her own leg injury.


 The 6 to ten inch balls are made from a dense plastic. The firmness of the balls is key, as it allows them to be used as a self-massage tool. The routines progress through your muscle groups, working each from its point of origin to insertion. You are actually “rolling out” your entire body and this has many benefits.


 Because blockages in tense muscles are released, fresh blood flow and oxygen begin to circulate throughout the body and healing can begin. Yamuna Body Rolling is also unique in that  it stimulates the nerve roots that run along the spine. These nerves in turn stimulate your vital organs, increase metabolism and improve lymphatic circulation.


 The experiences that Yamuna describes in her books, “Body Rolling” and “The Ultimate Body Rolling Workout”, Yamuna describes how after only one class students will often find that they are taller or that their clothes fit more loosely. This is because their muscles have been elongated and their spine straightened and lengthened (and who couldn’t use a little posture improvement?).


 The gentle nature of this body work makes it suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Even seasoned athletes find that their performance improves due to their bodies becoming properly aligned.


 Perhaps the best advantage of the Body Rolling system is that it feels so very good. The experience of a total body massage benefits not only your body, but uplifts your mood as well.  You can discover the complete line of balls, books and videos HERE. Once you’ve tried Body Rolling, you are sure to become hooked!


yamuna body rolling


"The beauty of Yamuna Body Rolling is that it takes you from the origin of the muscle at the tendon, elongating the muscle while stimulating the bone and soft tissue. Working with the body's own gravity, the exercises ease movement in the muscles to the point of relaxation, offering one of the finest weight-bearing exercises, with the benefits of a deep self-massage."
--Ms. Fitness Magazine


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